Content marketing is the process whereby the information on your website is continually developed and kept up to date. For B2B companies, which often have to convey a complex message, this technique offers considerable advantages.

Obviously, the corporate website is the central point here. But other media are also important, such as specialized magazines and sites, e-mail campaigns, e-newsletters, and the social media.

It is thus a matter of translating the characteristics of your products or services into convincing benefits that are relevant to the various decision makers involved in the buyer journey.

The benefits are obvious:

  • With a well-thought-out content marketing strategy, your company will grow to become a thought leader within your sector and you will remain Top-of-Mind with your customers.
  • By regularly publishing information relevant to the needs and objectives of your customers, your website will perform better in the Google search results and your prospects will find you more easily.

Content marketing is often presented as cheap and easy. We feel that this does not completely match the reality.

Content marketing goes much further than a one-time brainstorming session around keywords in order to optimize the search engine performances of your website.

We are convinced that masses of knowhow are available in many technology firms, but we are finding more and more that the exploitation of this knowhow via target-oriented marketing and communication often remains inadequate. Information that would convince new or existing customers is, as it were, left on the shelf.

Second, we note that many companies are convinced of the importance of content marketing and launch a new website with great enthusiasm. But, then, once it is launched, everything stops., Content marketing is a process that pays off only in the longer term.

The causes for this failure are often the same:

  • The information providers within the company are generally the people who have the most demands made of them.
  • All of the important information is published all at once.
  • Nobody is actively concerned with content marketing so nobody manages the process.
  • Publishing new information on the website is too complex.
  • No attention is given to active “content” planning.

And that is where we at Blue Matters want to make the difference.

  • We develop user-friendly websites with a Content Management System (CMS) to make it easy to publish new information that is Search Engine Optimized.
  • We give a great deal of thought to new approaches and campaigns.
  • We constantly look for relevant topics, information providers, and so on.

Indeed, content marketing is much more than copywriting: we actively look in your firm for knowledge, arguments, products, etc. that we can use to convince prospects and customers. In other words, we connect the content directly to target-focused action.

Obviously, this is not so simple, and we, too, have to climb the learning curve.

It assumes that we get to know your company through and through as well as the landscape in which you are active. We have to be up-to-date with the latest trends and realizations and we have to master the vocabulary of your business.

Effective content marketing requires a high degree of involvement on our part because we have to master your product-market combination. We have to understand what distinguishes you from your competitors.

Therefore, we always keep ourselves informed about your sector and about what is happening in your company.

We continue to search for opportunities within your company in order to find material and arguments that help your sales.

Finally, we at Blue Matters want to be an active partner of your company so we can provide real added value.

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