Identifying the anonymous and persuading identified visitors to act – that’sare the keys to succesful conversion marketing.

Conversion marketing is the logical continuation of content marketing. As soon as prospects have found your website, it comes down to stimulating them to take follow-up action. Responding to such an invitation is conversion.
Conversion can take several forms and always results in a better understanding of the behavior of the target group.
Typical conversions that are aimed at identification are:

  • signing up for a newsletter
  • downloading a pdf
  • completing a contact form
  • purchasing online
  • filling in a wish list

Atypical conversions are, for example:

  • downloading of a specification text
  • clicking on a video in a newsletter
  • unsubscribing to a newsletter
  • completing an online survey
  • requesting a personal contact by phone
  • downloading an app
  • asking questions via an online chatbox
  • participating in a contest

These examples show with abundant clarity that conversion marketing is always to the point and target oriented. Insight into the behavior of the web visitor is important here,  so it is crucial that a website is organized and designed with these objectives in mind.

Obviously this is certainly not direct online sales for many industrial companies,. For them, conveying relevant information that gives answers to the real needs and personal objectives of their buyer persona is essential.

Conversion marketing in B2B is, therefore, a two-step process:

  • it tries to identify anonymous visitors
  • it tries to create a permanent dialogue with your identified target groups by means of multiple marketing channels.

To fuel this process, we use

  • Calls to Actions (CTA): propositions that offer added value to move your contacts into action.
  • Landing Pages: specifically designed web pages that best present the CTAs and, by the layout, invite to click.

Finding and defining convincing Calls to Action, packing these messages in well-conceived landing pages, and maintaining a meaningful dialogue with your prospects and customers by means of intelligent campaigns are specialized skills for which you need professionals.

And this is where we can make the difference. Indeed, conversion marketing goes much further than the analysis of web visits and the determination of marketing “funnels”.  We constantly search for unique Calls to Action with which can motivate and convince decision makers in their buyer journey.

In other words, we actively search for information, arguments and products in your company that can be used to convince your prospects and customers.

Obviously, this is not so simple, and we, too, have to climb a learning curve.

It presumes that we get to know your company and the landscape in which you are active, that we are fully up-to-date regarding the latest trends and insights, and that we master the vocabulary of your business.

Effective conversion marketing requires a high degree of involvement on our part. We want to live and breathe your product-market combination.

We want to understand how your company differs from your competitors, what makes you unique..

Therefore we keep on informing ourselves about your business, about what is happening in your company. We continue to search for opportunities within your company in order to find material and arguments that support your sales.

Finally, we at Blue Matters want to be an active partner of your company who is offering real added value.

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