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May I have a look at the references?

Of course. We will provide you with many references and cases at a face-to-face presentation of our services.

How often do we get together?

Often. At least once a month, a meeting is scheduled with our online marketer. During these meetings, the performance of your campaigns is discussed and evaluated and the actions drawn up for the coming month. After each meeting, a debriefing is presented with a concrete to-do list, which will serve as the basis for the next meeting. Between the two coaching sessions, you can always contact your online marketer by mail, telephone, or

Who owns the work carried out by Blue Matters?

You will own all the content and visuals as soon as all the invoices are paid.

Are the results guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we haven’t got a magic wand. We cannot guarantee results but this we can say: online B2B marketing is the most effective way of generating traffic, finding leads, and optimizing your sales process. Blue Matters is a specialized B2B marketing agency and has the experience to obtain results for a wide range of technology and industrial companies. We will gladly refer you to them during our conversations.
 You are assigned a dedicated hybrid marketer who is focused on results. A Blue Matters marketer has only a limited number of accounts so you can be sure that he’ll give full attention to your priorities. Indeed, we want to be an extension of your sales team. Please do not consider us merely as a freelance or interim marketer.

When I conclude an agreement with Blue Matters for a coaching trajectory, do I need to sign a contract?

Not at all. The postulated duration of our coaching trajectory is at least 6 months, but you can stop the collaboration at any time by means of a written cancellation 14 days before the end of each month. We are confident of our processes and our services, but, if you feel that Blue Matters is no longer the right partner for your company, then it’s obvious that the coaching should be terminated in a professional manner. The only condition is that you grant us an evaluation conversation in which we go to the heart of the matter, to where the collaboration went wrong so that we can improve our services in the future. Indeed, we want our customers to feel good about our collaboration.

How is it determined whether or not I need a new website?

We evaluate your present website in detail on the basis of:

  • the use of a well-thought-out search word strategy
  •  the performances in the natural search results
  • the information present and its relevance to your target groups
  •  the timeliness of your information and the degree of refreshment
  • whether or not it is optimized for mobile use
  • the conversion possibilities
  • the presence of a blog
  • the bounce rate (the number of visitors who remain on your website for less than 5 seconds)
  • the presence or not of calls to action
  • the number of landing pages
  • the loading speed
  • the professional aura
How many hours will you spend per month on my account?

A very good question. We’ve developed our services to be an extension of your sales and marketing team. We are not free lancers but online marketers – specialized in content marketing for production companies – who also wear your company’s colors. Achieving your objectives is at least as important for us as it is for you. Thus, you can count on our dedication and involvement. Moreover, our online marketer never is a junior/intern but always an experienced partner with years of professional experience.

The number of hours our online marketer will work for you depends on what has been described in the Online Marketing Workbook. For that reason, we will always include an estimate of the monthly workload at the presentation of this Workbook.,However, as you might well suppose, much will depend on the formulated objectives and on the number of interactions with you.

Is web marketing suitable for my branch?

If it appears from our deep scan that there is sufficient marketing potential within your company, then we are firmly convinced that you are making the right decision.  If you do not fit this profile, then web marketing will still support your sales objectives by bringing more visitors to your site, generating more conversions, and so on.
 Areas that come particularly into consideration for web marketing are consultants, suppliers for the constructing sector, manufacturers and service providers for industry, engineering, design agencies, e-shops, governmental institutions, and software developers. In short, every sector that supplies and works for a well-defined target group of enterprises here or abroad.

Do you have a customer portal?

Yes. With the aid of our project management system, you can follow all of our activities. You and your team obtain online access to our planning board. You will be able to inspect and follow up on all task descriptions, planned tasks, and detailed reports.

Why do you make my new website in WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that we have mastered and that is the basis for our content marketing. Moreover, we have developed an extensive tool kit with which we can very specifically expand the standard functionality of WordPress. This tool kit enables us to optimize the search results of your website, to map visitor behavior in order to create efficient landing pages, and, last but not least, to design efficient websites focused on conversion. WordPress also enables us to insert new articles rapidly, to create new web pages so we can react very quickly. In this way, WordPress increases our efficiency. But WordPress is also “only” a CMS. Perhaps you can manage WordPress yourself but as soon as your marketing requirements increase, you will feel the need for a professional partner who can help you concretely with strategy, content development and coaching. And that’s where we come into the picture. We devote a great deal of attention to the conversion possibilities, analyze in detail individual visitor behavior, and try to develop new actions and content on the basis of these insights that are even better in convincing your customers and prospects.
 Finally, we want to stress that your website and the content published on it always remain your property. We always provide a professional setup and host with one of the leading hosting companies in order to guarantee  your independence.

What do you mean by enrichment of a database?

As soon as we obtain access to your contact database, we link it to our marketing tools. By enrichment, we mean that we will track the results of our online marketing activities on the individual level. With this, we have, for each customer, a detailed overview of the number of mails he received, whether he opened them, and what links he clicked on.

We can also map the behavior of individual visitors on the website. With this, we obtain a complete understanding of the behavior of the customer/prospect, which can be invaluable for your sales team. Monitoring and qualifying all of these contact moments we call database enrichment.

What is necessary for us to work with you efficiently?

It is essential that the person we work with has the power to decide and bears the final responsibility for the information and feedback provided. It is also essential that this person attends all of the meetings in order to achieve the stipulated objectives. We prefer to work with the owner/ manager for whom we want to be the ideal sales and marketing sparring partner. Rapid decision making and direct action are the immediate result.This is why  we ask for access to your website, Google Analytics, and, if available, your social media.

How do you determine whether I need one or more days of coaching per month?

In the Online Marketing Workbook that is based on the analysis of the competition, the deep scan of your organization, and the audit of your website, we specify the recommended number.
But, obviously, we adapt this in function of your concrete needs.
The following parameters are important here:
How much “content” needs to be produced?
How much marketing material is already available?
Do you have all of the technical expertise in house or does it have to be brought in?
Do you need a new website or does your present one will do?
How many e-mail campaigns are planned?
Do you need marketing automation and how many scenarios have to be developed?
What is the target for visitor numbers, leads, turnover, etc.?
How much reporting is needed?
How many leads are needed to achieve the desired objectives?
How much training/support do we have to provide?
How strong is your competition?

Can you make just an Online Marketing Workbook for me?

Of course, and, moreover, if our deep scan shows that there is sufficient marketing potential within your company, then you’ve made the right decision. Finally, our recommendations are always without obligation. You decide, on the basis of the Online Marketing Workbook, whether or not you opt for monthly coaching or for a definite assignment for the production of content, a campaign, or a website by Blue Matters.

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