“Lead intelligence” is the development of insights into the real needs of potential customers.

Maintaining a permanent dialogue with customers and prospects creates a series of contact moments . Monitoring these contact moments and the related reactions provides a concrete understanding of the behavior of these target groups. With this, we can tune the conversation – make it even more personal – to the behavior of these individual customers.

If we succeed in determining the decisive buy-in-moment, then we can propose a personal and unique offering that the customer will not be able to resist. Or we can send the information about these sales qualified lead to the sales team, which can go to work with it. This is called “closing the loop”.

Lead intelligence consists of three levels

  • At the basis is the understanding that is built up by means of Google Analytics. What search words are used? Which web pages are the most popular? What is the path that most visitors follow through the website? Where do visitors leave the website? When does the web site receive the most visitors? And so on. Google Analytics provides no understanding of the behavior of individuals but it does do so for the visitors as a whole.
  • On the second level involves understanding the contact moments of the individual visitors of a website. For each visit, the pages viewed and the sequence in which they were viewed how long the pages were looked at individually and in total, how long the visit lasted, the city where the visitor is located, and other information are recorded.
  • On the third level, we have the understanding that is built up of the individual behavior of identified visitors. Information like the e-mails that were received, links that were clicked on, files that were downloaded, and who visits the website repeatedly is recorded in the marketing database.

From the third level on, the marketing efforts yield real and qualified leads that can be handed over to the sales team for further individual follow up.

The installing and configuring of the right analysis and reporting tools, the interpretation of the continuous stream of data, the discovery of new insights, and the development of scenarios in order to qualify leads are specific skills for which you need professionals. And this is where we at Blue Matters want to make the difference. Indeed, lead intelligence goes much further than the analysis of web-site visits and the determination of marketing “funnels”.

We are continually searching for new insights into the behavior of your prospects and customers in order to optimize the conversion possibilities. In other words, we enter into dialogue with you and your sales staff in order to define together the right contact moments. We also want to determine with them the triggers to discover real purchase intentions and a way to transmit this information efficiently to the sales team.

Obviously, this is not so simple, and we, too, have to climb a learning curve. It presumes that we get to know your company and the economic landscape in which you operate and that we develop a detailed understanding of your target groups with the highest ROI.

Lead intelligence requires a high degree of involvement on our part.

We want to master your product-market combination.

And we want to understand how your company differs from your competitors.

Therefore, we always continue to inform ourselves about your discipline, about what is happening in your company. We continue to search for opportunities within your company in order to develop insights and arguments that help sales.

Finally, we at Blue Matters want to be an active partner of your company who offer real added value.

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