Marketing Performance Check

€ 2.500,00*

Intake, Analysis and Online Marketing Workbook

A Marketing Performance Check™ is a precisely defined method to map the online performances of your company and to produce the Online Marketing Workbook in which the action plan is very concretely laid out for the year to come.

For this, our marketing manager always proceeds as follows:

  • Analysis of the online performance of two of your most important competitors.
  • Audit of your present website.
  • Deep scan of your organization by means of an extensive questionnaire to map the marketing potential of your colleagues.
  • Brainstorming of at most 4 hours with the decision-maker in which the insights are used to outline the online marketing objectives.

During this brainstorming, our marketing manager will define specific actions that will be found in the Online Marketing Workbook:

  • Who are the most important buyer personas?
  • What keywords and keyword phrases do they use in their buyer journey
  • How do we keep the conversation going with them?
  • How can we convince them?
  • How do we follow-up on and qualify prospects?
  • What content will we publish and who will provide it?
  • What concrete actions take priority and how do we evaluate them?

* All of the amounts mentioned are exclusive 21% VAT.

Monthly coaching

€ 850,00*

Implementation coaching per day

Our marketing manager coaches you on the implementation for at least 6 months, monitors the results, and makes adjustments where necessary.

During the first coaching session, the milestones are set for the coming months. We rigorously apply the SMART principle (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timing).

We want to make your progress measurable and to achieve quick wins.

The actions given in the Online Marketing Workbook are developed and prepared for implementation during our monthly coaching.

  • We review the objectives that have to be achieved, evaluate the performances in Google Analytics, and review the reports of the previous campaigns at the start of each coaching session.
  • We specify concretely what has to be achieved in the short term.
  • We determine with you whether or not ongoing projects need to be adjusted.
  • We inventory the resources (human and otherwise) that have to be provided for these projects.
  • We determine a number of key performance indicators to test our campaigns.
  • We define new short-term marketing objectives, if any.
  • We analyze and optimize ongoing processes in order to prepare your company for high-performance online presence.
  • We report on the coaching meeting and specify what has to be done by the next meeting

* All amounts mentioned are exclusive 21% VAT.

Implementation projects

€ 680,00*

Per day

Just like you, we are entrepreneurs who wish to obtain the maximum from our investments. This is why we have reduced our overhead to the minimum.

We use open source software to keep the development and the customization costs at the absolute minimum and to enable flexible updating.

We work very transparently and apply a clear and uniform hourly rate. It is charged monthly by means of a detailed report. For one-time projects, we always make a detailed offer.

A streamlined production process is essential in marketing. You can count on us for:

  • Industrial and technical copy platforms.
  • Copywriting and translations of B2B publications.
  • Production of eBooks, online presentations, webinars, webvideo, and the like.
  • WordPress websites adapted and optimized to meet your specific needs and objectives.
  • PrestaShop webshops.
  • Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Design, layout and online presentation of your products, services or events.
  • Keyword definition and targeted campaigns with call to actions, landing pages, web forms, ….
  • Contact-list management, segmenting and qualification..
  • E-mail marketing & marketing automation.
  • Automated follow-up campaigns via drip marketing.
  • Detailed and live follow up of web visitors (lead alerts).
  • Company pages in social media.
  • Print productions.

* All amounts mentioned are exclusive 21% VAT.

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